Ralph Mercer
Learning in the Open

About Me.
Masters Candidate, military, exploring using personal informatics to curate social learning, public speaker, mentor and advocate for the adoption of emergent technologies within organizations. Over 30 years of experience in ethical and values-based leadership, project management, team development in operational and professional environments

What I'm working on

Exploring the concept of how tracking, accrediting and influencing personal learning and self-improvement can enhance work resilience for rapidly changing work/learning environment. Borrowing from the concepts and ideas of the "quantified self" to describe how personal learning informatics and data gathering will be used to record, track and curate self-improvement activities for formal accreditation, professional recognition and personal reflection.


professional development specialist and independent researcher for hire

Contact me.

twitter @ralphmercer
Skype: mercer.r
Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/in/ralphmercer